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Surfers With Aniridia Catch Waves

Students, including Nadira Calderon who has aniridia, of the Braille Institute of Los Angeles learn to surf at local Manhattan Beach, though a partnership with Learn to Surf LA. These students are defying the odds of what’s possible with vision impairment. Click here to read more

eSight Technology Helps Those with Aniridia See

For the first time, a 12-year-old girl who is legally blind due to aniridia, was able to see clearly with the help of the breakthrough eSight technology. Normally unable to see across a room, she experienced 20/20 vision for the first time using eSight electronic glasses. Click here to read more

A Mother’s Experience with Aniridia

This story, published in Redbook, details a mother’s personal experience in coping with her son’s diagnosis of aniridia upon birth. She chose a perspective of positivity in facing the challenges ahead and hopes others will be inspired by his triumphs. Click here to read more

Determination Despite Aniridia

A lifelong aniridia diagnosis causing partial blindness has not stopped high school senior Nicholas Rollins from achieving wins in wrestling at the state and sectional levels. His drive and determination are unstoppable, as he fights in the face of challenges. Click here to read more